The assembly of equipment includes:

  • Installation of the main equipment on the valve (pneumatic actuators, electric actuators, positioners....)
  • Installation of accompanying equipment on the valve (robots, pressure gauges, filter regulators, solenoid valves....)
  • Adjustment and calibration of equipment
  • Verification of functionality and operational correctness


Novamat offers servicing and repair services for existing valves and equipment.
Valve (industrial armature) servicing and repair include:

  • Disassembly and defect assessment (determining the extent of damage)
  • Cleaning, degreasing, and visual inspection of parts
  • Machining of parts with machining of sealing surfaces (if necessary)
  • Adhesive bonding of sealing surfaces with grinding pastes
  • Assembly of components and functional testing (testing)
  • Anti-corrosion protection and painting